Mirca History

This information was kindly provided by Josip Kirigin:

A small village, Mirca (pop. 180 regular; 400+ in Summer) is one of 24 villages on Island Brac, close to the middle of the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia. The original people were here and in the southernmost part of the province of Dalmatia, and before the Roman time and in the Roman province of Dalmatiae, were tribe Dalmati. The whole area prospered well in the Roman time – many of Croatia’s coastal cities developed back at that time (Zadar, Split, etc.), but were not very populated. On the Island Vis (ref. “Issa”), just south of Island Brac, there are traces of the vineyards and olive tree (wine and olive oil production facilities) from the old Greek colony’s establishment.

Then, Croats arrived in the 7th century (a big movement of the south Slavic peoples, pagan people then) and the region became more populated. Croats took over through sheer numerical advantage, and accepted Christianity and Roman style dwellings. Dalmatia became the southern province of the Croatian Kingdom which was independent through 12th century. Ever since then – many Kingdoms were spreading their influence and power in Croatia and in Dalmatia in particular. In 1991 Croatia became fully independent again.

People on Brac, and in Mirca, used to be into commercial fishing and typical Mediterranean agriculture (vineyards & wine; almonds; olive oil and such). In the last few decades the tourism industry took over, and a lot of people built houses with apartments and rooms to rent to the summer tourists. Many “outside” people built vacation and summer houses along the shores. In general, Mirca is rather a quiet place to relax and enjoy the sea; some of the other and much bigger villages are full of hotels, bars and discos and fine restaurants (Supetar is only two miles east of Mirca – main ferry connection to Split; Bol, is on the southern side of Island Brac).

Island Brac is one of 1,182 Islands on the eastern, Croatian side of the Adriatic Sea; there are 72 Islands permanently populated and Island Brac is the second largest Island (total regular population around 14,000). Small village Mirca, on the northern shore of Brac – across from the city of Split (ref. Diocletian’s palace) – was originally positioned around half a mile inland and is now spreading through the sea; thus, there is “upper” Mirca and “lower” Mirca. There is a small harbor and crescent shaped pebble beach. On the eastern side of the beach, there is a very good (grilled fish!) restaurant – “Gumonca” – and on the western side ends in flat rocky shore with the pine woods reaching the sea.

Inside, about 50 ft from the sea shore, the pine wood is a off-white stone house (limestone marble from the quarry Pucisca, operating since the Roman times!) – there is going to be the wedding reception for Marry Ann and Jonathan. The particulars regarding arriving to Mirca and this stone house – are available through the travelling to Mirca section of this site.

This map gives a good general layout of the town of Mirca.


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